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5 Different types of logistics services

Logistics as it is known refers to process of moving goods from one point to another in a smooth operation. Logistics is needed in a myriad of sectors that form part of the economy.
Logistics is also considered to be the heart of the supply chain process in most businesses as it is responsible for getting the goods to the consumers from the manufacturers.
In this blog we will discuss 5 types of logistics services that may be used in the collective process of logistics:
1 – Warehouse services
It goes without saying that before you start planning on transporting your goods to the designated point you need a place to store those goods. The storing of the goods may require more than one warehouse depending on the location of the designated point and the number of days it would take to get the goods to the designated point. You can choose to use in-house warehousing or third-party warehousing; the latter is however a better option. Lastly, when deciding on a warehouse establish the amount of space that your goods will take up, the security of your goods and the duration that you will need storage for your goods. This is to eliminate any losses that could possibly be associated with storing your goods at a warehouse.
2 – Freight shipping
This type of logistics is a combination of vehicles such as trains, cargo ships and trucks to coordinate the transportation of goods. The goods are typically loaded on pallets or into large, sturdy containers and then into the selected mode of transport. Freight shipping methods include: full truckload, less than truckload, partial truckload, intermodal and expedited. Freight shipping can be very complex as shipping trends change all the time. One therefore has to stay updated with the latest trends to ensure you get the most cost-efficient shipping method.
3 – Courier shipping
This type of logistics service is most used for small orders more especially for delicate and fragile items that should be handled with care. Courier shipping differs from the other logistics services in the sense that it saves time, it is fast and very convenient. It also moves goods directly from the warehouse to the consumer.
4 – In-house logistics services
In-house logistics services involve creating a department within a business that is solely responsible for everything pertaining to logistics. Having in house logistics services is very beneficial to a company because the company will have full control over logistics matters. This is the planning as well as the actual movement of the goods. In-house logistics services also render very cost effective.
5 – TMS Logistics Software
Transportation plays a vital role in the supply chain process. Functional systems that simplify work are needed. Systems such as the TMS (transportation management system) are very useful in allowing users to do planning, execution and to optimize the overall activities in the transportation of goods. These types of systems also assist in data management since logistics involves a lot of activities, information flow and data to be captured and stored.
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