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The 7 R’s in logistics explained

Logistics as we know it is a process of planning and executing the efficient transportation and storage of goods from their initial point to the designated point.
The smooth running and success of this process is guided by the planning that goes into it. The planning of logistics also minimizes risks and aid companies to anticipate risk and to deal with such instances accordingly as they arise.
Below are the 7 r’s of logistics which is a measure that is used to ensure that the above mentioned is ticked off step by step and that the process of logistics in its entirety is smooth sailing.
1 - Right product
A company who deals with logistics should know the type of products they will be transporting and handling. In so doing the company ensures that they will be using both their time and resources accordingly.
2 – Right place
One of the fundamental aspects of logistics is that the right products gets delivered to the right place. The logistics company should employ knowledgeable drivers as well as a well organised delivery system. The tracking system between the logistics company and the receiving company should be in sync so that the receiving knows exactly how far the goods are and where exactly the driver is. This also ensures that the delivery is made to the right place.
3 - Right price
Pricing is crucial when it comes to the trading of goods and services. The success of logistics management relies heavily on correct pricing. This creates transparency as it is used to track the company incomes and expenses.
4 – Right customer
Every logistics management service provider has the responsibility to make sure that they are offering their services to the right customers. One way of doing this is by identifying their target audience, to avoid offering services to people who are not really interested.
5 – Right condition
Logistics management services are entrusted with products. It is crucial on their part to ensure that goods are correctly and safely stored and that they reach their destination unharmed and in the right condition. It is therefore important for logistics companies to carefully follow the storage specifications on the packaging of the products.
6 – Right time
Time is crucial in logistics clients are extremely concerned when it comes to the time of delivery of products. This is the reason why every logistics services provider should always keep track of time to ensure that the products get delivered timely and efficiently.
7 – Right quantity
Another key element to the success of logistics management is knowing and specifying the right quantity of goods. This starts with the client and should be maintained by the logistics company; the identified and specified quantity of goods should therefore be delivered to its destination.
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